Thank you for the given interest for our VIP section

In our VIP section you can find all NZB files of daily scene releases along with all passwords. On our VIP section you will also be able to download exclusive NZB files that you will not be able to find on usenet or you can request a NZB file and we will find it for you.

There are two ways to enter our VIP section (first you have to register on our site) :

1. By buying the Classic 30 day premium package (or more) for the best software for the download from usenet called GetNZB from the link below :

You must purchase License Key through GetNZB Official KeyStore

2.By directly donating to our Neteller or Skrill account.


If you chose the first option of access, that is by buying a GetNZB premium account, please pay attention to the following :

If you ever had on a registered GetNZB or a installed GetNZB program on your PC you must do the following things :

1. Uninstal you current GetNZB program from your computer

2. Before you buy a new GetNZB license you need to click on my referral link :

3 VERY IMPORTANT : During your purchase of a premium account use a different (new) email address, and not the one you had previously used in the registration of
the your old GetNZB account.

4. All those who do not abide by the rules will not get access to the VIP section.


When purchasing the GetNZB premium account please use the same email that you used to register on the newddl website, otherwise we will not be able to verify  that you have made the purchase.After you buy the account for GetNZB WRITE HERE THAT YOU DID IT as a comment because I have no other way to know if you bought a premium account and admin will contact you at your email and you will get access to the VIP section.

Special Offer :

Buy GetNZB annual package that it costs $ 97 for 1 year (which is $ 8 a month – speed 30Mbit, unlimited downloads) and you will get 1 year access to the VIP section.

P.S. You must purchase License Key through GetNZB Official KeyStore


The second option is meant for all those who have a usenet account or for those who for some reason don’t need to use the GetNZB premium account. For those users we came up with a way to get into the VIP section by donating on our Neteller/Skrill account. There are two packages on offer :

VIP 90 days – $25
VIP 365 days – $60 (only $5 month)

Neteller and Skrill are a similar way of payment to paypal and if you chose this option of accessing our VIP section write a comment down in the comments on this page that you wish to do so and an administrator will contact you via email with details regarding payment.

Special Offer :

Purchase the VIP 365 days – $60 ($5 per month) package by sending us a donation on our Neteller or Skrill accounts and you will get 1 year access to the VIP section + 1 year access to the VIP Deluxe section where you will find various premium usenet accounts and other useful and popular premium accounts as Netflix etc.

More :

Gain access to our VIP section TODAY and join many satisfied members of our website that have supported us for many years in the past.

P.S If you have any questions you can ask them here (as a comment).

The Feedback we received :

Now I got It! Works perfect and I don’t want to miss this service anymore….
Thank you so much and thank you also for your patience with me.


After being a Usenext customer for several years it is nice to have such a fast usenet access point, client is excellent and the VIP section is even better. If you don’t already have both, get them todayl


Excellent service by admin a recommendation to all that are interested. Very secure environment and communication second to none to the genuine subscribers Thank You Direct NZB Download



 YES!!!!!! Thank you for your efforts and your continuing support until you finally fixed this. I will cancel my Giganews account and GetNzb will be my carrier from now on. Once I found your support you have been fantastic. Thank you!!!!

Rick BLocker


 The speed is great and is constant in comparions to the other usenet sites that is used where it varies from time to time. However what I like the most is the fact that I can download files that i wouldn’t be able to because of DMCA.
Another very important things is that the download is unlimited so I can download as many files as I want. Next time i shall buy the deluxe package 90 days because the download speed is better and the price is faire, with it 1 mounth is only 13$ with unlimited downlaod and the speed of 30mb/s. That is a great deal. Also in the VIP section i can find all the newest files and downlaod the minutes after they have been released on the internet, and I especialy like the fact that i found warez software here which is practically impossible to find on usenet. I no longer need to bother myself with passwords because I don’t need them in the VIP section in order to acces the files. As far as im concerned this is the best service for secure and fast download from usenet.


 Really great having scene access AND a great newserver/NZB program. Beats the heck out of my ISP’s newserver with close to 0 retention. Thanks guys.

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  1. admin Post author


    GetNZB administrators have checked your account and they told me that you bought a premium account not through my referral link but through another site (usenetreviewz). We are sorry but for this reason you will not get access to the VIP section.

  2. nzc333

    I used your link to purchase 1 year subscription to May I have access to your VIP section?

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