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GetNZB – is an exclusive NZB Downloader for searching and downloading files from Usenet. It is a useful and powerful tool, which allows downloading information without having an account of Usenet Provider. The best NZB Search Engines are already built-in inside NZB Downloader. No need to search NZB in different places, just type a word at integrated usenet search module and it will be requested from all Usenet Search Engines showing you results in a second.

The newsgroup client includes everything you need to search for nzb files, download, repair and extract the resulting content. Unlike most newsreaders, GetNZB is tied to it’s own service. Those new to GetNZB can download 1000 MB free in order to test the Usenet service and client. We tested a Ubuntu download from around 880 days ago and the completion was perfect. With that said GetNZB has built-in features to take care of PAR repairs. So if you download a RAR set that is damaged or incomplete GetNZB will use the PAR files to repair the content.

Performance varies based on which GetNZB Usenet plan you choose. We tested on a premum account and were pleased with the results. The 820 MB file downloaded at around 25 Mbps. without any disconnects.

Here is a summary of the GetNZB Usenet accounts:

GetNZB Prices

Special Offer :

Buy Classic 30 day premium package through our link and you will get free access to the VIP section of our site to download NZB`s for daily scene releases along with all paswords for movies, HD movies, TV Show`s, Music and Applications.


Download speed for free users is very small. You will have full download speed with GetNZB after purchasing premium account.

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Free Usenet Download

Free Usenet Download Tutorial

As you already know, in order to download files from usenet you usually must have a premium account from some usenet provider. The cost of these ranges from 10$ all the way to 20$ per month.

In this tutorial I will show you how to download and use files from usenet, absolutly free ! It will enable you to downlaod an unlimited ammount of files forever, totally free of course.

In order for you to see how this works we provided you with a few preconfigured newsreaders as proof of concept.

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Download from Usenet – Much better than Rapidgator or

Download from Usenet – much better than Rapidgator or


Usenet Tutorial

This tutorial will explain in detail how you can download files from Usenet.
You can find hundreds of terabytes of content on Usenet. Downloading is easy
and can be very fast and much better than Rapidgator or Price
for one month of unlimited downloads for GetNZB is $ 16 which is about the
same as for raipidgator or any other premium account.



One major advantage of Usenet compared to P2P download methods such as
torrents, is that it is not required do upload any content. Another advantage
is enhanced privacy. You only download from a single location, which makes it
impossible for others to monitor your downloads. Some Usenet providers even
offer SSL to encrypt your connection. And last but not least, you can get
download speeds as high as your Internet connection allows.

What is usenet?


Usenet exists since the beginning of the Internet and consists of a large
number of newsgroups. A newsgroup is like a bulletin board where people can
exchange messages on a specific subject. Currently hundreds of thousands of
different newsgroups exist for practically every subject you can think of.

To gain access to newsgroups you need to have an account with a newsgroup
server. With a newsgroup reader program (like GetNZB) you can then download
the file that have been submitted to a newsgroup.

Does all of the above sound difficult to you? Don’t worry, you don’t need to
understand any of it in order to download things from Usenet. Just continue
reading and you will be downloading stuff very soon!

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